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Automotive product protective film glue


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product description: TX-618
Extra high viscosity emulsion protective film pressure sensitive adhesive
TX-618 is a two-component ultra-high viscosity laser-cut stainless steel sheet protective film special emulsion pressure sensitive adhesive. The product has the advantages of environmental protection, no pollution, strong versatility, no ghosting, excellent transparency of the coating film, and easy peeling.
Physical index: Exterior 乳白带蓝光        目测
Solid content 50±1%  HG∕T 5054-2016 
PH value 7.5~9.0
Rotational viscosity 50-150mpa.s
Glue characteristics: TX-618 is a two-component emulsion pressure-sensitive adhesive. The product has the following characteristics:
1. Excellent high temperature stability, suitable peel strength, and wide laser cutting resistance range.
2. It has excellent initial adhesion and adhesion with profiles and plates, and the protective film is easy to stick and tear without leaving traces.
3. The protective film has good aging resistance, including high temperature resistance, high humidity resistance, and ultraviolet resistance.

Glue operation method: When mixing the glue, TX-618 was mechanically stirred, and the quantitative T-07 additive was slowly added. After the additive was added, it was stirred for 5 minutes to make it evenly dispersed in the glue. The prepared glue is put into the glue trough through a 100 mesh filter, and the undispersed glue block can be filtered out.
Precautions: 1. The safe use period of the configured glue is 7 ~ 8 hours, so the glue needs to be used up within the safe period.
2. The additive T-07 is afraid of moisture, high heat and low temperature, and ultraviolet light, so the storage condition of the additive T-07 should be: dry and ventilated, the temperature is moderate (5 ℃ ~ 30 ℃), and protected from light.
3. Samples need to be tested before the product is used in batches, and then used in batches after passing the test.
Glue storage and transportation: 1. The product is a non-hazardous chemical and is transported as a general liquid to prevent damage to the packaging.
2. The product is stored in a ventilated and dark warehouse with a temperature of 5 ~ 30 ℃ and a storage period of 6 months.

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